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Nigel Williamson is an outstanding youth leader and speaker who connects with youth, teens, and young adults in a simple and real life way. From his challenging history, Nigel has pulled out lessons and messages of hope to help adolescents, teens, teachers, and parents across the globe. Using an interactive approach and a simple conversational style, integrated with humor, stories and emotions, Nigel has connected with his audience at schools, colleges, and churches.

As Nigel discusses his past and the experiences that guided his decision to becoming the voice of change for young people, he recalls the negative influences that urged him to make some decisions that he later lived to regret.

“As a 14 year-old, I thought I was untouchable and invincible, so I got involved in negative stuff. I was in gangs, destructive behaviors, and then the girls. I thought I was untouchable. My sudden involvement in one particular gang caused me to feel invincible. Setting a new record for the ‘out of control teenager’ was my goal. In addition to the social groups, the church groups, and the community groups, I was still involved in a gang.”

As Nigel became more involved in gang activity, he continued to make choices that eventually led to his expulsion from high school. Yet, despite negative decisions made during his teenage years, he was granted a second chance. A mentor walked into Nigel’s life at just the right moment. He spent time talking to Nigel about setting goals and encouraged him to make more positive choices. He encouraged Nigel to register at another high school and continue his education. Nigel followed his mentor’s advice, re-entered high school and later graduated as Valedictorian of his class.

Upon high school graduation, Nigel applied to a 2-year college where he received an Associates degree in Secondary Education. Following that, he enrolled at Washington Adventist University, where he later received a Bachelor’s degree in Counseling Psychology with a minor in Secondary Education. Currently, Nigel is in pursuit of his Master’s Degree in Public Health. He is convinced that education is a valuable tool for opening “doors” of opportunity.

In discussing the path of his life Nigel states, “Now 16 years later, I can genuinely talk about second chances. I understand the necessity of giving others another try and I literally dedicate my time to helping others who have made some negative choices. I understand the need for dependence on God. He has given all of us a second chance. The scriptures are replete with examples of people who have made poor choices, engaged in negative activities, and were subjected to death but God gave them a second chance. Some, similar to myself have set the calamitous consequence in motion, but the blessing of a second chance is something we should take advantage of. ”


“Rebuilding Confidence”

Passion and zeal in life can quickly fade when faced with obstacles and roadblocks. We can easily become distracted, hurt, and fearful. While we have the inward ability to move beyond our circumstances, the many setbacks and pain of failure haunt us, crippling the best minds, stifling the biggest dreams, and paralyzing our greatest hopes.

Using his real life journey, Nigel walks his audience through his life as a student who went down a road of negative behaviors and poor choices, eventually causing his expulsion from high school. However, Nigel received a second chance at life, completely changing his course from failure to fulfillment.

Rebuilding Confidence compels audiences to:
• Face fears, regrets, and mistakes head on
• Overcome obstacles effectively and realistically
• See situations faced currently as temporary and not permanent.
• Identify goals
• Understand the benefit of rebuilding self-confidence

“Taking Charge”

Being dealt a bad hand is an easy excuse we all can make. Bad things do happen to good people but we have to face the facts of life and decide to become better and not bitter.

Taking Charge is all about deciding to create the life that you “crave.” The decision is ours whether we develop our talents effectively or settle for mediocrity. Through his hilarious stories and adventures in Taking Charge, Nigel will give audiences:

• The “ingredients” needed to make the exact life that they want to live
• Knowledge regarding how to create a more positive outlook on your life
• Hope to overcome difficult situations

“Facing Fears”

What negative assumptions are we making that limit our abilities everyday? What happens to our goals, our dreams, and our life’s purpose when those assumptions go unchallenged? These are the questions that Nigel asks – and answers when he challenges audiences that are ready to defeat their fears and live their best lives.

In, Facing Fears, Nigel uses personal life lessons to help audiences:
• Develop the mindset needed to confront the situations, challenges, or people that limit our abilities.
• Highlight the importance of being true to oneself.
• Confront their fears to effectively get past them

  • “It was a true inspiration work with Nigel as he guides our students to bring out the best in themselves. The team really has found hope and the program was a true success.”

    Dr. TyeHoward University School of Communication
  •  “Very few people make it their duty to detail the process and Nigel has done that. Giving our students an inside look at how to overcome obstacles in his life was truly inspiring and students all over need to know this.”

    Evelyn SavoryPrincipal, G.E. Peters School
  •  “I am so glad that you did this program for our young ladies. While many focus on success, you focused on Rebuilding, something we often forget.”

    Olivia M.Youth Leader, Relevant Church, MD.
  •  “Thanks for coming out and talking to our class this weekend. You challenged us think in ways we really do not and to stretch ourselves when we are tested. You were really fun and you made us laugh. You were a major help this weekend and our class appreciated it. Thanks.”

    Katie BStudent and Senior Class President.

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